Hello there! If you are here, my guess is you are probably wondering who is the creator of this AWESOME page and the ridiculous Initial D-im Sum t-shirt. For many of you might think--- oh, just another online business selling t-shirt.. which is 100% accurate. However for myself, this is more than just a business, this is about life.

In fact, this project was originally started less than a year ago. After countless hours of research, estimates, google, plus doing all the "right" things before opening a business --- "is it profitable..."? "what happens when this" , "what happens when that"..."the t-shirt market is saturated,so"... this project was dead eventually. Then later on one night after I came home from my ordinary 9-5 job, as I was opening the refrigerator to get my favourite beer- Ballast Point Sculpin Grapefruit IPA-- I saw the previous sketch of my Initial Dim Sum design underneath the fridge. I don't know how it got there. I picked it up, went on my computer with my beer, the rest is history. 

This is why The Destiny Workshop was founded. This is about taking the risk, having the courage to establish something despite all of the odds going against you. This is about turning my passion into something tangible. I realize I could have done months and months of research, seek advice from others, read through all the stats... And If I had done all that, you probably won't see this page, at all. Like an O.G saying: If somebody jumps off the cliff, does it mean you have to? (Stop it-No). Just because someone else failed, that should not be the factor that turns me away. Instead, I will learn from it and ACTUALLY DO IT, do it differently. The unknown future motivates me. The Destiny Workshop is a blueprint and my guideline, when I encounter doubts in the future.   

I'm excited to create more designs and work with talented individuals in the future. We all have the same mindset- Passionate about what we do.  

If you have managed to read until this point- I thank you very much and hope this has somehow inspired you.

Create your own destiny
Founder- Henry. W

P.S Please don't hate just because my S2000 is slower than your car.